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I am Tina Bojanowski, and I represent District 32 in the Kentucky House.

As a special education teacher at Watterson Elementary, everyday I saw the gap growing between what my students and their families needed and what was available to support them, especially with regard to healthcare and education services. I watched our former governor and other elected officials attack our education system and the citizens who have committed their professional lives to one of the most fundamental parts of democracy in America, the right to free education. I listened to win/lose talk by public officials that disrespected the people involved and the citizens represented creating an unbridgeable chasm of understanding and shared commitment. That is why I knocked on thousands of doors for nine consecutive months to win the approval of District 32 to represent them in Frankfort. I believe that the only way to effect real change is to commit myself fully to the responsibilities of creating systems and policies that honor and protect the citizens of Kentucky and the democracy that I cherish. I am committed to considering all voices in government and re-establishing a mutually respectful dialogue that focuses on making decisions that keep Kentucky and its citizens progressing forward, even when that requires concessions.
No matter the district in which you live, your voice matters and I invite you to join me in creating positive change by staying informed and participating in the conversation with me or your local representative.

- Tina

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